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  ·Welcome to Jiangsu Xingtong Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. [2014-06-22 13:13:04]    
  Marketing System
Marketing Tel:0086-514-87983222
Marketing Fax:0086-514-87986777
Marketing Address:Gongyuan International Building 12A0607,No.56,Wenchang West Road,Yangzhou City,China
Factory Tel:0086-514-87485222
Factory Fax:0086-514-87481010
Factory Address:No.8,Kele road,Touqiao Area,Beizhou Industrial Park,Guangling Zone,Yangzhou City,China
  Marketing System  

     Xing Tong Group has developed its "two wings of a center" development pattern. Beijing Dayou Xingtong Technology Co., Ltd. and a great energy Plaza Shanghai Nengyi International Trade Co.,Ltd., respectively, relying on the political, scientific and technological resource center and Shanghai FTA advantages are two basic points of the Group for the company. Xing Tong Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Tianjin Xingtong Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., respectively, nano-biomaterials and medical imaging products primarily to lead the development of the domestic industry, the company is off the wings.
    Jiangsu Xingtong Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. Xinghua pass up in Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province. Relying on national and regional development opportunities and advantages, will focus on research and development of biological science and technology into high-end medical devices, is the center of the future development of the Group.

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